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Ravana is a character in Hindu mythology, who is the primary antagonist of the Hindu historical epic, the Ramayana. In the classic text, he is mainly depicted negatively, who infamously kidnapped Rama's wife Sita.

This picture is from a great historical event from the Indian war time, When Alexander the King came to India for battle and lost the war against India , and main reason he lost the war was depicted in this print. India had Elephants in their troops. A great warrior.


In the Rgveda, Sarasvati is a river as well as its personfication as a goddess. In the post-Vedic age, She began to lose her status as a river goddess and became increasingly associated with literature, arts, music, etc. In Hinduism, Saraswati represents intelligence, consciousness, cosmic knowledge, creativity, education, enlightenment, music, the arts, and power. Hindus worship her not only for "secular knowledge", but for "divine knowledge" essential to achieve moksha.


The film is based on the adaptation on two classical Sanskrit plays, Charudatta by Bhāsa, which was later adapted by Śhudraka in 6 Century A.D. as Mrichakatika about the life of courtesan, Vasantasena (Rekha), and her chance meeting with a poor boy, Charudatta (Shekhar Suman) in Ujjain.


In the Mahābhārata, Bhimawas the second of the Pandava brothers. He was the son of Kunti by Vayu, but like the other brothers, he was acknowledged son by Pandu. He was distinguished from his brothers by his great stature and strength.

His legendary prowess is celebrated in the epic: "Of all the wielders of the mace, there is none equal to Bhima; and there is none also who is so skillful a rider of elephants. In fight, they say, he yields not to even Arjuna; and as to might of arms, he is equal to ten thousand elephants. Well-trained and active, he who hath again been rendered bitterly hostile, would in anger consume the Dhartarashtras in no time.

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